Exceptional quality of work
backed by decades of experience.
Specializing in remote depositions
and offering real-time, legal
transcriptions, and same-day turnaround.

We eagerly meet the routine and urgent demands of our legal clients, many of whom run highly specialized practices throughout New York.

Arbitrations/School Board Hearings

When an accurate record is required, consider Lighthouse Court Reporting for your needs. With over 17 years of reporting...

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Court Reporting/Depositions

Our confidence and accuracy in reading back testimony come from years of experience in the industry. Lighthouse Court Reporters...

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Transcription Services

When your court does not have a court reporter and you need something transcribed, we have the ability to...

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Video Conferencing/Videographer

Video conferencing is at the forefront of today’s efficient and cost-effective communications. Indispensable for 21st-century legal professionals, video conferencing...

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Fastest Turnaround Time in the Industry

We offer high-volume discounts.  Ask us how we can save you money. Lighthouse has extensive years of experience handling...

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Remote Depositions

In these uncertain times, Lighthouse Court Reporting would like to reassure our clients that we are here to service...

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  • “The staff at Lighthouse Court Reporting Inc. consistently demonstrates reliability, punctuality, and exceptional service.

    I have found that their work product needs no corrections and their level of knowledge and understanding in regards to medical/legal terminology matches or exceeds that of the attorneys they work with during a deposition. I can rely on Lighthouse Court Reporting to provide last-minute coverage when needed. The staff at Lighthouse Court Reporting will go above and beyond to meet the needs and requests of any client.

    They are, and will always be, my first choice when I require a stenographer in person or telephonically.”

    Julie A. Houghtaling, Esq.

  • “Woohoo!!  Teamwork makes the dream work!”



  • “You’re all amazing! Thank you.”